Release Round Up – April 16th, 2021

Release Round Up

Release Round Up - April 16th, 2021

Every Friday there is a tidal wave of new music released unto the world. Whilst we try to cover as much as possible here at The Razor's Edge, it's not always possible to review everything. So each week on a Friday we'll round up some of the best new music available, some we've reviewed, some we haven't, but all worth checking out!

Theres a lot of new heavy music hitting the airwaves this week, everything from black metal, death metal, gothic metal, Stoner rock, doom, thrash metal and even some of your traditional heavy fuckin' metal!

Here's what we think you should check out today!

Cannibal Corpse, the most prolific death metal band of all time, release their fifteenth studio album this week, 'Violence Unimagined'.

"This is an object lesson in brutality and class and proof that you don’t need shitty production to still sound terrifying."

Read our review here and check out our interview with Alex Webster here.

If Alice Cooper is the King of horror-rock, then surly Wednesday 13 is the prince, sat waiting to take the crown. This week he releases 'Necrophaze - Antidote', an E.P. to follow up last years critically acclaimed album.

"In these extremely difficult times where we need to be kind to everyone and have consideration for everybody's feelings, Wednesday 13 comes storming in with a metal spike driven to the heart of that statement with the song 'Your Mother Sucks Cocks in Hell'"

Read our full review here.

And the godfathers of pop-punk have a new album out today too. The Offspring  are closing in on forty years as a band, and release their tenth studio album, 'Let The Bad Times Roll' today!

Check out the video for the title track below!

The new Ildaruni album, 'Beyond Unseen Gateways', has been delayed a few times from it's original release date, but today it finally arrives!

"The combination of ancient folk melodies with driving black metal riffs is unlikely to appeal to everyone but for me this is brilliant and refreshing. The driving power is relentless, each track soaked in a heaviness that is countered by melody and echoes of a bygone age."

Read our review here.

Icelandic progressive metallers The Vintage Caravan return with a cracking new album today. 'Monuments' is released via Napalm Records.

"The Vintage Caravan sweep you off your feet and away on a journey that transports you into the clouds. Their head mix of hard rock riffs and diverse, yet retro sound rapidly wraps around the listener."

Read our review here.

For an album of New Wave of British Heavy Metal steeped speed metal with plenty of nods to the likes of Maiden, Priest, Motorhead, Venom; look no further than 'Cursed Be Thy Kingdom' from Bewitcher.

"Any thoughts that Bewitcher might move away from their trademark evil, hell-laden image, would have been dispelled by the fantastic cover, and fully destroyed by the opening two tracks. They both crash along with furious riffing, M. von Bewitcher’s raspingly evil vocals and a drum line from A. Hunter that drives everything down towards the depths."

Read our review here and interview with M. von Bewitcher here.

For stoner rock fans the 'Live In The Mojave Desert' series continues. Following on from the previous two releases, there are three new volumes out today! Volume 3 features a set from Spirit Mother, Volume 4 features Stoner and Volume 5 features the mighty Mountain Tamer.

For a large dose of pure fucking THRASH METAL then look no further than the new album, 'Unseen Repulsions', from Aggravator which drops today.

"Immediately all the treasured hallmarks of this genre burst into view. Clean but nasty vocals sing over a technically accomplished band. Not long before we get to the riff breakdown causing metalheads to smile and head bang, while reaching for white high top trainers and a bullet belt or studded wrist band."

Read our review here.

San Diego thrashers Monarch arise from their slumber this week with new album 'Future Shock'.

"This hard hitting, yet very melodic, with some great hooks and choruses, the riffs and solos simply fly around your ears. If you’re a fan of the likes of Havok, Warbringer at el, you could do far worse than checking out this exciting foursome. "

Read our review here.

Belgian thrashers Primal Creation bounce back with the release of 'News Feed' this week.

"The snarling, spitting anger that forms the lyrics resonates and it’s fantastic to see bands continuing to rage against the machine. This is 40 minutes of progressive and expansive metal which will hopefully see the band gain higher prominence in the coming months."

Read our review here.

Finnish thrash/crossover trio Death is Death release a blistering slab of music in 'Death Is Hardest Thing To Do'.

"There is nothing at all subtle about this slab of destruction which blasts along at a great pace and with a delightfully snarly attitude."

Read our review here.

Thats four uge thrash metal albums right there. But also throwing their hat into the thrash metal ring are Bushido Code who release 'The Ronin' today and Merzonta Potvor who release the blackened thrash beast 'Halas z Pekla'.

And in the death metal world, we recommend you check out the new slab of brutality from Incarceration, 'Empiricism' as well as releases from Endseeker, To The Grave and Intonate.

Bordeaux based death metallers Iron Flesh drop a mighty slab of death metal today in 'Summoning The Putrid'.

"Iron Flesh can throw down with the best of them. What they do well is to take the main ingredients of the OSDM and throw them screaming into a cauldron of other influences."

Read our review here.

The latest offering from Crown is the perfect soundtrack for a Nordic Noir series! 'The End of All Things' is out today on Pelagic Records.

"Think of running through a gloomy forest being chased by someone, or drowning in an ocean, lungs filling with water, as you gasp for air. Picture that and then the latest offering from Crown would be the music you hear."

Read our review here.

Fortunato release 'Insurgency' this Friday, but we weren't convinced by it.

"Whilst the band are all very much talented musicians the songs offered up here completely failed to leave a lasting good impression."

Make your own mind up and read our review here.

Belgian’s Fragmentum second full length album, 'Masters Of Perplexity', is melodic death metal, but with a more complex sound.

"There are definite traits of bands like Dark Tranquility and Insomnium within their music. And yet its synths that combine with a driving riffs, with the band blending death growls with darker, mournful cleans in a Depeche Mode meets In Flames hybrid."

Read our full review here.

Greta Van Fleet are a band that often divide opinion, but love them or hate then, there is doubting their sheer musical ability and quality. Today they release their second full length album 'The Battle at Garden's Gate' on Republic Records. Watch the video for 'Heat Above' below.


The New Wave OF Classic Rock resurgence continues and Jo Below are another weapon in the genre's arsenal. Today they release E.P. 'No Control'.

"It’s an impressive E.P., and although it may not appeal to the gnarly death metal fan, with a bit of promotion and airplay, Jo Below may well be a name you’ll be hearing a bit more of soon."

Read our review here.

New Wave of British Heavy metal stalwarts Tokyo Blade re-issue 'Night of the Blade' this week via High Roller Records.

"‘Night of the Blade’ is a solid album, with songs that stand the test of time today. Sure, there is an 80s feel about them, with the NWOBHM formula applied in spades but if you can transport yourself back to 1984, soak up the cut off denim drenched in patchouli and weathered patches, and the sheer excitement of the movement, ‘Night of the Blade’ should bring back some rather pleasant memories."

Read our review here.


Boston punk/hardcore five-piece There Were Wires re-issue their album 'Somnambulists' today via Iodine Recordings.

"The lyrics are dark and meaningful, and vocalist Jamie Mason addresses a wide range of topics, whether its self-loathing, fractured families or victimisation, they are lyrics that people can no doubt identify with."

Read our review of this album here.

Doom masters Clouds are preparing to re-issue a number of their early albums on Personal Records. We check out 'Dor' which comes out this week.

"With all tracks around the eight to ten minute mark there is plenty to get your doom laden teeth into on 'Dor'. The music that they create is an enticing one."

Read our full review here.

On top of all those, there are also releases this week from the likes of Vetter, Motorpsycho, Peter Hermansson, Kalmo, Friedmann, Pathfinders, Holding Absence, Hail The Sun, Suffocate For Fuke Sake, Giotopia, Carbon Theory, Brats, Jakob Mind and Clines Mind.

And thats just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much new music out today for you to get your groove on to. Enjoy it all!

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