Release Round Up – April 23rd, 2021

Release Round Up

Release Round Up - April 23rd, 2021

Every Friday there is a tidal wave of new music released unto the world. Whilst we try to cover as much as possible here at The Razor's Edge, it's not always possible to review everything. So each week on a Friday we'll round up some of the best new music available, some we've reviewed, some we haven't, but all worth checking out!

Theres a lot of new heavy music hitting the airwaves this week, everything from black metal, death metal, gothic metal, Stoner rock, doom, thrash metal and even some of your traditional heavy fuckin' metal!

Here's what we think you should check out today!

The kings of Newport revisit a classic album today. Skindred give 'Roots, Rock, Riot' the re-release treatment.

"It’s taken Skindred almost 20 years to earn their status as one of the best UK bands around It’s a deserved accolade, built on hard work, constant touring and a live show that is unbeatable. ‘Roots Rock Riot’ is an album that brings back memories of sweaty club gigs, of a raw and energetic band who wore their hearts on their sleeve. They still do!"

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The final work of the late Alexi Laiho are released today. Bodom After Midnight, the project he continued after Children of Bodom ended, release E.P. 'Paint The Sky With Blood' via Napalm Records.

"‘Paint The Sky With Blood’ is 14 minutes of extraordinary viciousness and in a perfect world there would be more to come. However, it’s a privilege to have this record to enjoy forevermore. Alexi and his Bodom After Midnight delivered apex sonic aggression until the very end."

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As a teaser for whats to come prior to their next album, Hideous Divinity drop an E.P. this week to tease and tantalise you death metal fans.

"It feels like a sensory overload, not knowing which part to concentrate on first, the gut-wrenching vocals make you want to run and hide and the intricate musicianship, led by band mastermind Enrico Schettino, pushes the songs forward at breakneck speed."

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The Motorhead train keeps rolling and today we can relive their fabulous tour of 2012 as the band release live album 'Louder Than Noise… Live in Berlin'. Never ones to let the fans down, it's a rip roaring, barn stormer of a live album. Check out the video for 'Rock It' below!

The Mars Volta release and huge and self indulgant 18 L.P. box set today, spanning their whole career.

"Trying to explain what The Mars Volta sound like is a little like trying to capture smoke: hardcore, post hardcore, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, free-form jazz… the list goes on. Citing artists as widespread as King Crimson and Miles Davis, through Black Flag and Throbbing Gristle to Bjork and the Aphex Twins, gives you something of the scope we’re dealing with here."

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For fans of Japanese hardcore, or just hardcore in general... Zouo release 'Agony 憎悪 Remains' today via Relapse Records.

"Agony 憎悪 Remains is an absolute gem for fans of the old-school UK82 scene and goes to show that, even though Zouo were half a world away, more unites us than divides us. A message more timely than ever, I think."

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Lithuanian death metal four-piece Crypts of Despair’s sophomore release is a fine slab of demonic, aggressive music. 'All Lights Swallowed' is released via Transcending Obscurity Records today.

"The tsunami of death metal that has swelled over the past couple of years shows no signs of slowing. Picking bands worthy of your time is a challenge. Crypts of Despair would be one worthy of your interest."

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Staying with death metal for a minute, there are also releases from Malformity, Plague of the Fallen and  Akiavel; the latter of which appeared on Devil's Island this week!

Death Chamber release 'Experiments in Warfare' and Helslave release 'From The Sulphur Depths'. Plus there are new releases from House by the Cemetry, Mother of All, Paraphilia and Tetramorphe Impure.

LA Trad-Metallers Void Vator return with the follow up to their two previous E.P.'s. The drop their first full length, 'Great Fear Rising', via Ripple Music today!

"In ‘Great Fear Rising’ they have produced a second album of cracking tracks crossing various metal genres and adding in a modern feel. All of these tracks deserve to be played live, and ‘Great Fear Rising’ is definitely an early candidate for the top albums of 2021."

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Hardcore/punk/metal hybrid Capra drop a new album, 'In Transmission', today via Metal Blade Records.

"The soundscape intro acts as a warning for all audio travellers to proceed with caution, for within the remaining ten songs on In Transmission you will discover personal pain and a sense of growing dissatisfaction at the seeming injustices of the world."

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Witch Hunt, throw their hat into the speed metal ring with new album 'Rock N' Roll Possession', released today via Dead Center Productions.

"Witchhunt give it a good go! Fast and punchy riffs and the band are extremely tight in places."

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Canadian thrashers Warcall release the first of a two E.P. Series today. 'Dead End Pt. 1' comes out via Plan B Music.

"This is an E.P. which rages, the thick riffs and battering drumming sweeping through each of the four songs. It’s a blitzkrieg of an assault, the combination of melody and ferocious savagery working neatly."

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Nottingham based traditional metal solo project Underking releases it's sophomore album today, 'At Hell's Gate'.

"It’s a pleasurable album that has pace, power and enough about it to be genuinely worthy of a listen. A feisty fusion of thrash, NOWBHM and classic heavy metal."

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Sacramento based hardcore outfit Extinguish drop a blistering debut E.P. today.

"From the outset Extinguish deliver a massive statement of intent and, though it ebbs and flows throughout its all-too-short running-time, the E.P. does not once let up on its mission to deliver utter carnage with every note."

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Lord of the Rings inspired Minas Morgul release their pagan black metal opus 'Heimkehr' today.

"A times the driving rhythms, blast beats that power through each song and the anthemic qualities of the songs conjures up images of the Dark Lord’s forces emptying from their lair. Majestic soundscapes sweep in waves, the guitar work plunders like raiding Vikings."

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Symphonic power metal behemoth Frozen Crown release their third full length album 'Winterbane' today via Scarlet Records.

"Fast, melodic fist pumping metal! This is a very confident and extremely well-crafted metal album, which will appeal to a broad genre of fans, from classic, through power and symphonic, through to melodic death and thrashers."

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The debut E.P. from British outfit Chapter Nineteen, 'A Story Well Told', comes out this week, an interesting take on the post-hardcore scene.

"At first listen, A Story Well Told is an odd mishmash of ideas; but when you embrace the over-arching story concept it all makes sense. It’s angular and difficult to get a grip on without giving it your undivided attention – at least to begin with, but Chapter Nineteen have created a marvellously enveloping record with a relatable thread running through."

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For your dose of Swedish melodic death metal, look not further than Vittra and their new E.P. 'Wardens'.

"Wardens is a great E.P. reminding us how good the Swedish melodic death metal sound was back in the day."

Read our review here.

Today, Body Void drop their thrid full length album, their first for Prosthetic Records. 'Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth' is an epic four track opus spawned from the demise of the world around them.

"Throughout the record, the amps sound as though they’re being pushed to their limits. There’s a primal rawness here that makes the music feel like it wants to fall apart."

Read our full review here.


On top of all that there are also releases today from... Reach, Red Eleven, Them Bloody Kids, Walking Bombs, Old Forest, Omega, Odal, The Circle, Monasteries, Curimus, Miasma Theory, Tetramorphe Impure, Obsolete, Lord Drunkalot, Conclave, Desolate Realm, Non Serviam, IDEK, Altarage, The Antikaroshi, AntiModzeBeast, Big | Brave, Devilz By Definition, The Marigold, Vexillium, Benthos, Morrigu, Cicada the Burrower, Astrakhan, Sacred Shrines, Matt Finucane, Redhook, Gilby Clarke, Bongzilla, Tons, Howling Giant, Firewing, Arogya, and Dawn Ahead!

And thats just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much new music out today for you to get your groove on to. Enjoy it all!

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